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Avowed fans of Cartoon Network's Mighty MagiSwords TV series on Cartoon Network will find plenty to love in MagiMobile, but those without an appreciation for the franchise may be left in the dark by this companion app. If you're looking for a dedicated game set in the fantasy universe in which the animated series is set, you won't find it here. What MagiMobile offers instead is a comprehensive bit of fan service that rewards users for their continued engagement. It's hard to recommend this to any but the most die hard fans, but anyone who doesn't find themselves satisfied just by watching the series are provided with plenty of opportunities to delve into the deeper lore.

For those not familiar, the Mighty MagiSwords series is all about a clumsy pair of siblings in a fantasy world who are on a quest to collect a seemingly endless assortment of magical swords that each come with their own special powers. And MagiMobile provides unique and interesting methods for users to interact with the show they love. There's a top down approach to making users feel like a part of the universe that starts with the user interface and works all the way down to the activities. The app itself looks just like the devices owned by the show's heroes, creating a sense of series immersion that younger fans should particularly love. The designers of this app clearly understand the lore and mythology of the show inside and out, and that shows in the loving care they've put into its design. The aesthetic and design flourishes are on point.

But this is an app that's designed to share the developer's contagious love for the show, and it's created with the intent of rewarding players who are willing to dig deeper. While a simple game exists in the interface that asks you to chop a stalk of broccoli, the app's purpose is more about exploration than about skill or reflexes, and that makes it an ideal choice for younger fans who might not have developed finer motor skills. Digging into the contact list allows you to learn more about the show's characters, while quests serve as a sort of intuitive guide, providing you with new swords for your collection for interacting with the app in differing ways. There are also compact miniature episodes of the series that allow you to affect the outcome of the story by picking the sword you want to use at a critical juncture. Naturally, collecting swords serves as the primary incentive, and they even level up and grow more powerful as you collect duplicates.

But the real highlight of the app is how it makes use of a phone's speaker. If you hit "Collect" while a show is airing, it will recognize the episode and reward you with the appropriate sword.


  • A great piece of fan service that captures the show's tone perfectly
  • Innovative utilization of mobile speakers
  • Offers a highly immersive experience


  • Doesn't offer much game play challenge
  • Strongly targeted towards existing fans of the franchise

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